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Common Questions/ Concerns

I am having trouble filling out the fillable application online.  Is there any other way to get an application?

Of course!  We can email an application to print and fill out, or you can pick up a paper application from us.  Call or email us, and we will make sure that you get an application that works for you.


I want to pay rent, but I want to pay outside of normal business hours.  Is there a more convenient way for me to pay?

Yes!  You have several options to pay.  You can sign up online through RentShare to pay your rent securely online; you can mail your rent payment (please don't mail cash) to PO BOX 1022, Limon, CO 80828; or you can drop a payment off in the drop box located at 474 H Avenue in Limon, CO ( Drop box is located on the wall to the right side of the main entrance-location is watched via camera at all times).


• Are your properties pet friendly?

Yes!  However, we do require you to pay a nonrefundable pet fee per pet.  Exceptions to this policy include: a pet that does not produce pet dandruff or odor and is contained and residing in an aquarium or other cage that prevents the pet from contacting any part of the house.  Simply put- if you have a pet that is not a fish, a tarantula, or something similar, you will pay a pet fee.


• I have a family of three, but I think that a one bedroom house could fit us all comfortably.  Would I be able to rent a one bedroom house for the three of us?

No.  As much as we would love to help you out by renting you a smaller, cheaper home, we cannot.  Our policies (as well as laws) state that there can only be two tenants per room for safety reasons (think fire).


• I need roomates to be able to afford my rent, but I didn't have them at the time of the lease signing.  Can they move in with me without being on the lease?

No.  We know this may be an inconvenience to you; however, we must approve all roommates before they move into the property.  If roommates move into the property without the landlord/agents prior knowledge and written consent, the rent amount will go up per month, or the roommates can be evicted as per the written lease agreement.


If your questions were not answered on this page, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.